Bosch Future Mobility Challenge 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed our lives completely. We need to adapt quickly and come up with innovative solutions in order to keep up with our activities safely in these challenging times. In the current context, our competition has suffered many modifications and recalibrations as well. Nonetheless, we move forward with organizing the finals of the Challenge by complying with all the safety regulations in place and transforming it into a digital event.


Welcome to the Challenge


Bosch Future Mobility Challenge is an international technical competition initiated by Bosch Engineering Center Cluj in 2017. The competition invites student teams every year to develop autonomous driving algorithms on 1/10 scale vehicles provided by the company. The students work on their projects in collaboration with Bosch experts for several months to develop the best-performing algorithms. For the finals, the best ten teams are selected, and the first three teams will be awarded with great prizes.

Competition schedule

Event Date Time
Qualification Round 16th of October 9:00-16:00
Final Round 18th of October 10:00-15:00
Registration for 2021 Challenge From the 1st of October until the 8th of November