University of Medicine, Farmacy, Science and Technology George Emil Palade, Targu Mures

This is the story of the 5 automation students passionate about innovation, who want to gain experience, learn as many new things as possible, join as many challenges as they can, improve life and have fun. They are all students at the George Emil Palade Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology University from Targu Mures, Transylvania.
And the story goes like this: one day, Mr. Adrian Gligor (our mentor) started telling everyone about a new opportunity, a new challenge for the bravest and most curious minds: “Bosch Future Mobility Challenge”. When Andrada and Șerban (3rd year) heard about this, they both thought of the same thing: “Let’s do it!” As soon as they finished their classes, they ran into Emilia and teamed up with her (the legend says they went to another contest together before and they all had a great experience). But they had one problem: they needed 2 more members. The rumors said that there was another brave girl who was interested to join the challenge, but she needed a team. That’s how they got their 4th member, Csenge, but this wasn’t enough for them…Andrada and Șerban went to one of their best friends named Sebastian to ask him to complete their team, and he said : “Let’s do it!”. That’s how the team of Wingineers with a great motto “born to innovate” was born.