Techno Drivers

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

We are Antal, the Father of ROS, Bence the Expert in Codes, Ádám, the Master of Computer Vision, Gábor, the king of Control and Mechanics, Szilveszter, the Master of “Nothing is Impossible and Ádám, the Doctor of Mentors.
The interest in self-driving vehicles plays a major role in the life of every member of the team. We are committed to safe transport and our primary goal is designing systems that can provide it. We believe we can gain a great deal of practical experience in this competition. Based on our own knowledge, we can design a system that we have learned in theory – this is an incredible experience for all of us.
We consider that Autonomous Driving is literally the Future. From our point of view, Autonomous Driving is the next main challenge for engineers to be solved. The future does not depend on what the vehicles will be powered on, but one thing is certain, that vehicles will be autonomous.