Technical University of Cluj Napoca

We are all students at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca attending a Bachelor’s Program in Electrical Engineering. When we first met, we were all part of our mentor’s IoT R&D Club. Claudiu and Eusebiu, have already been in the club since 2018 and Ștefan and Dan, joined it just before the Bosch Future Mobility Challenge started, in October.
We are all passionate about engineering and learning through trial and error, so when our mentor proposed us to check out the competition, we got really excited. With time, we fell more in love with engineering, and we were looking for an opportunity to channel our energy and passion. That’s how we discovered Arduino and the land of hobby-projects. That’s the common ground on which our team was forged and the spark for our passion. One thing we were unfortunately lacking before BFMC was teamwork, so we are excited to tackle this challenge together. We consider this challenge as a huge learning and personal development opportunity so our goal is to learn and have fun working together.
Also, how cool is it that you can teach a miniature car to drive itself!? We are going to put the car on the road with care and respect.
Our motto is: “Setting the reference”