Technical University of Cluj Napoca

The team is made of Lucian, Mihnea, Cristian, Sebastian and Andrei, five third-year students from the Faculty of Computer Science and Automation, pursuing a degree in Automation and Applied Informatics. Our mentor is Zoltan Nagy, our teacher from System Identification laboratory. We are five best friends that happen to be also colleagues, having creativity, ambition and dedication as a common denominator. Slowly but steadily, the passion for technology has become a defining trait of ours.
Ever since we have started our journey in the world of Computer Programming and Engineering, we have constantly tried to broaden our knowledge in this field. From taking additional coursers (Python and Android organized by Google Digital Workshop for Programmers), doing internships in summer for more real-life experience, to participating at various competitions such as Porsche Engineering Student Contest, University’s local Hackathon – Polihack (where we won the 1st place in 2019 and 3rd place in 2018 on the embedded section) and Google Hash Code.
The name of our team originates from our personal travel project “#SeeMore” that started in Berlin one year ago. However, going on a deeper level, the name symbolizes our way of thinking: a wider perspective, thinking outside of the box.