Rocker Science

Technical University of Cluj Napoca

Meet the Rocker Science team: we are Ioana, Mihai and the two Ștefans, four Electrical Engineering students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. We came to know each other through our mentor, Adrian-Augustin Pop, who is leading an IoT R&D group.
Each of us has some previous experience in different areas of EE – Mihai has been tinkering with electronics since the 4th grade, Ioana and Ștefan D. have been teaching the basics of EE to first and second year students using Arduino, and Ștefan M. had done quite a lot of research on how to implement a control system for an autonomous drone. Having an EE background – as opposed to most of the other competing teams- we want to see how many situations we can turn to our advantage by having these special skills.
A fun fact about our name: it originated from a mistake. One of us suggested the name Rocket Science Team, but a typo made it into Rocker Science Team, so we’ll do it like AC/DC and Chase the Ace.