Polytechnic University of Turin

Inititally, we were a team of four members: Seisa, Gaetan, Jiacheng, and Xiangbo, all studying at the Polytechnic University of Turin.
We actually did not know each other until our professor, Sanchez, told us about this challenge. It is without hesitation that each and every of us wants to dedicate himself to gain more and more skills for our future. This common goal brings us together to be an enthusiastic team. We are all characterized by creativity and hard-work. Despite the lack of sufficient programming skills in computer vision, we really want to do our best to solve each task and reach some good results.
In our spare time, we meet with each other to discuss about the documentation and to share insights. As automotive and mechanical engineering students, we do not have much experience related to this contest. Therefore, we consult with our professor on how to use Raspberry Pi efficiently and read papers related to lane detection and object detection.
Luckily, a new member, Alessandro, who is a master student with strong programming skills, has joined us too. So now, we are a strong team ready to solve all kinds of problems and overcome difficulties