Mindtech Dolphins

Technical University of Cluj Napoca

We are five students, Dragos Ionut, Denis Iulian, Horatiu, Samuel and Attila, and our mentor is Alin Plesa. We are fourth-year students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics and Mechanics, Specialization Mechatronics.
Along the years, we have collaborated with each other in different contests and other activities but never in this format. When deciding for the name of the team we chose the name that four of us, the exception being Samuel, used for the first contest in which we have participated. We decided to participate in this edition again to deepen our knowledge in the field of autonomous driving and be part of this transition from traditional to autonomous driving.
We think that autonomous driving will make traffic and the driving experience safer, less tiring and in some aspects more enjoyable, but for some, a bit boring. The goals that we wish to achieve by the end of the competition are to enrich our professional knowledge and background for future opportunities, be they personal or workplace oriented, and to win the competition.
Our team motto is: Changing the world, bit by byte.