Marc tech

University Lucian Blaga, Sibiu

We are: Cristian-George, Radu-Dumitru, Andreea-Marisa and Maria-Daniela, and we study at “Lucian Blaga” Faculty of Engineering in Sibiu. We became a team when our mentor mentioned the opportunity to participate in this challenge and also because we work well together to complete laboratory tasks and other assignments.
Our goals are to learn new things, improve our technical skills and take part in hands-on, practical experiences. Even though we have not participated in other contests before, we are still eager to try our best, be open to new ideas and learn from those with greater experience in the engineering field. Contests such as this one are a true challenge, but are also a great way to see what real engineering is like and to learn things that might not otherwise be taught at university.
In our ever-moving world, when time is of the utmost importance, autonomous driving will change our lives for the better, with fewer accidents in traffic, increased safety for pedestrians and drivers alike and overall improvements in our quality of life. Smart cars will give greater mobility and independence to everyone, regardless of their driving abilities or skills. Self-driving vehicles will let people focus on other areas of their life while going to work, shops or anywhere else, taking away the need to focus on driving, traffic or other hazards that currently require our full attention when we are behind the wheel.