Technical University of Sofia

Our team has been formed at the university. We had common interests and decided to bring our ideas and knowledge together. The team has four members – Svetoslav Karadjov, Dimitar Donev, Alexandar Savov, Kaloyan Krumov. We have all studied at the same high-school and we knew each from back then. We are students at the Technical University of Sofia, in particular we study Automation, Informatics and Management of Technology. In the first year we’re not yet studying robotics, but the university participates in a competition called Robo League.
Our goal is to unite the team and to work together on the project. The motivation comes from the desire to learn something new. Also, we think that we have potential to growth. We want to exchange knowledge with other participants.
The team motto is “We’re robotoholics”. It’s fun, because in Bulgarian there is a word game: when a person is workaholic, we say he is “rabotoholic”. We work a lot with robots and hence the motto.
This competition means a lot for us, because this is the first international contest in which we participate. It will get us out of our comfort zone and make new friends.