Delta Primus

Technical University of Bucharest

Delta Primus, the new and updated version, or how we like to call it V2.0. We are coming back with fresh knowledge and in a different format. This year, Razvan and Adrian together with Damaris and Iulian are forming the team. The first time when we’ve met each other was almost 4 years ago at the university. Since the first year, we got along with each other, but last summer we applied for an Erasmus project in Malta. There we worked for different companies and learned a lot of new skills and acquired new knowledge. Because we shared the same apartment during our stay in Malta we managed to get even closer and we came up with the idea to remake the team and attend this competition once again. Because two of our member already attended the BOSCH Future Mobility Challenge last year we already have an idea of what to expect. But because we have two new members, they bring new perspectives and visions which will help us to improve and learn from our past mistakes. We are here to learn, to develop ourselves, and to create new bonds with all the other teams. We promise to give 101% of what we can so we show the world that the future is in good hands.