Data Punks

Technical University of Moldova

We are Data Punks from the Technical University of Moldova, we are Victor, Iulian and Mihai. Mihai and Victor know each other for something like 9 years while Iulian is a new addition to the team, yet we have already become really good friends and colleagues.
Our main goal is to achieve a fully autonomous self-driving car and while we know that we won’t really make, this that does not stop us from trying to achieve it. We are also here for a challenge, something that will put our brains to work, that will show where we are weak and where we are strong, how to work better in a team and learn proper time management, something that maybe will open a new career path for us.
We think that autonomous driving is the future of cars, and when we achieve it there will be no more traffic jams, accidents, cars parked everywhere and humans will get more free time which could be used for self-improvement or for some other meaningful activities.