Bormachine Learning

Polytechnic University of Bucharest

We are the Bormachine Learning team from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and we care about two things: autonomous driving and hammer drills. When hearing about the Bosch Future Mobility Challenge, we had a revelation: why not combine these two passions. Thus, two students from the computers department, namely Stefan and Gabriel, and two from the Systems Engineering Department, namely Angelo and Bogdan, crossed paths and decided they could benefit from each other’s skills and build a project together.
All of us, except for Gabriel, know each other since high school, when Stefan and Angelo participated in a line follower robot challenge organized by Infineon and got a first taste of autonomous driving. Stefan met Gabriel at university and bonded thanks to their mutual interest in software development, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and self-driving technology.
Our uttermost desire and motivation for this project is to be part of developing the future of transportation and to deepen our knowledge of machine learning and control theory. Thus, even though the task at hand is rather demanding, we truly believe we can convert this opportunity into a valuable learning and team-working experience and make this Challenge our ultimate goal for this academic year.
Motto: “Bormachine Learning: Invented for life, drilled for eternity”