Blind Drivers

Gheorghe Asachi technical University of Iasi

We are a team of 4 colleagues from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology from Iasi. We are: Codrin, Iulia, Andrei and Rares, together we are the Blind Drivers.
We have met 5 years ago at the university, when we all were freshmen and colleagues. In the following years, we have become friends and got to know each other well. We are familiar with our working pace, domains of interest, as well as our qualities and possible drawbacks. We are guided by our mentor, Dan Dobrea, one of our professors. We find him very passionate about drones, object detection and automated driving.
Our main goal is to learn, assimilate new ideas and ultimately put all this in practice. This challenge offers a perfect opportunity for our goal, and we plan to profit from it. We consider that as long as there is effort, work and strong will, there is no way that great results will not appear.
Our motto: “What we think, that is what we become”